Sodas valpar 5 veckor

Sodas valpar 5 veckor

Valparna är tingade.

Beardmarked's Man In Black

Svart hane / Black boy 1

Beardmarked's Black Panther

Svart hane / Black boy 2

Beardmarked's The Scent

Brun hane / Brown boy 1

Beardmarked's Fuel For Life

Brun hane / Brown boy 2

Beardmarked's Wildbloom

Svart tik / Black girl 1

Beardmarked's Flowerbomb

Svart tik /Black girl 2.

Beardmarked's VIP Rose

Svart tik / Black girl 3

Beardmarked's Reb'l Fleur

Brun tik / Brown girl 1

Beardmarked's Blissful Bouquet

Brun tik / Brown girl 2

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